Accommodation with host families

Candidates (except for Level 1,2,3, Amateur Concert Pianist and candidates less than 15 years old)
can obtain accommodation with host families subject to availability.


Applications for accommodation with a host family may only be made at the same time as the registration. Accommodation (bed and breakfast) is for candidates only. Other meals and travel arrangements (from the host family to the competition location and vice versa) are not included and will not be refunded. If a candidate is less than 18 years old, written authorisation will be required from his/her parents.

IMPORTANT: When a host family has been allocated, the candidate undertakes to make contact within 7 days of receiving the information, failing which he/she will lose his/her place. 

Duration of the accommodation

Unless otherwise agreed, the candidate must arrive in his host family on the day of his convocation or the day before before 10 p.m. and his departure must take place no later than the day after the elimination or the result after 8 a.m. The candidate travels from and to the airport or Parisian station of arrival and Maisons-Laffitte by his own means. It takes about 1 hour from a station and at least 90 min from any airport (Charles-de-Gaulle or Orly) to get to Maisons-Laffitte, please plan your travel accordingly.


The candidate must contact his/her host family as soon as he/she has received the contact details and confirm his/her arrival time at the latest one week before the start of the competition. If he/she fails to do so, accommodation will be given to another candidate.

Rehearsal Piano

Host families with an acoustic piano will make it available during the day to the candidate staying with them and according to a schedule to be agreed with him/her. In the absence of an acoustic piano, rehearsal slots will be allocated to the candidate in another location.

Terms of accommodation

Candidates are required to respect the host family’s privacy and living habits. In particular, they must tell the host family if they are going out, be back before 10 p.m., must keep the rooms that they are using tidy and clean, must not smoke and respect the agreed rehearsal schedules.


OPUS YVELINES and host families will not accept any liability in case of theft or accident relating to the candidate staying with the family.