Opus Yvelines association

Opus Yvelines was created as a 1901 French law association at the instigation of René Girard and his daughter Christine and Anne Queffélec is its Honorary President.

Its aim is to promote musical performance and, more specifically, to help young performing musicians become better known. With this objective in mind, it organises the International Piano Competition for Ile de France at Maisons-Laffitte.


The association is run by volunteers.

Remise des prix du 20ème concours de Piano d'île-de-France
Some History

Since 22 years

  • 1999

    Creation of the Competition
  • 2005

    The Competition gains an international dimension
  • 2008

    Creation of the Amateur Concert Pianist Category
  • 2009

    Development of the Concert Pianist Category, with the introduction of qualifying auditions. The Competition moves to the Salle Malesherbes (a concert venue seating 435)
  • 2014

    Creation of the Artistic committee
  • 2018

    the competition is 20 years old

A team of passionate volunteers

Co-founders :

  • Life President and Founder

    René GIRARD

  • Artistic Director

    Christine GIRARD

Management Committee :

  • Chairman and Director of the Pole Development

    Eric COUTTS

  • Artistic Director

    Christine GIRARD

  • Financial Director

    Jean-Marie JACQUEMIN

  • Managing and Communications Directors:

    Catherine POINCELET

Répartition des fonctions

  • Développement : Eric COUTTS
    Communications and central management : Catherine POINCELET
    Artistic : Christine GIRARD et Valérie STEPHAN
    Finances : Jean-Marie JACQUEMIN
    Education : Annabelle MANGIN
    Laureate concerts : Christine GIRARD, Ursina BOEHM
    Host Families : Michèle POULAIN
    Association, membership : Michèle POULAIN, Thomas MICHELS
    Registration : Ursina BOEHM, Annette LEJEALLE
    Sponsoring : Thomas MICHELS, Ursina BOEHM, Françoise SERRE
    Territorial Institutions Relations : Françoise SERRE
    Logistics competition : Sylvie DUGLOS, Guy LOBEL, Jean-Marc FOUCHE, Dominique SERRA, Claude SERRA-PATS, Yuhui SHI, Barbara JOHNSON FERGUSON

Comité Artistique

  • Suzanne FOURNIER :
    Pianist Concertist and Piano Teacher

  • Christine GIRARD :
    Pianist Concertist and Piano Teacher

  • Isabelle OEHMICHEN : Concert pianist, Artistic Director of the Franco-Hungarian Music Association and the Cziffra Foundation.

  • Irène POLYA :
    Pianist Concertist and Piano Teacher

  • Daniel PROPPER :
    Pianist Concertist and Piano Teacher

  • Valérie STEPHAN :
    Pianist Concertist and Piano Teacher