Here we have collected the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the contest.
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Can I apply by mail?

Yes. You can apply by mail by sending your application form to the competition secretary’s office. Application on line is quicker.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not send your application by registered mail. In the event of absence of the competition secretary, it will not be collected from the Post Office. Your registration will in consequence be invalid.

Can I apply on the date that applications close?

Yes, but it is advisable to register as soon as possible because there is a quota of places and registration may be closed before deadline in the event of oversubscription.

Am I notified of receipt of my registration by the secretariat?

Yes, when your application is complete, you will receive confirmation of your registration.

Where can I find the bank details for a money transfer?

The bank account details of Opus Yvelines appear on our website “Registration fees”. However, it is simpler to register online and pay directly thanks to the payment link you'll receive.

Télécharger le RIB de l'Association

Who will be liable to pay for any bank transfer expenses?

All expenses related to bank transfers or rates of exchange (international money transfers) are payable by the candidates.

I need a letter of invitation to obtain a visa:

What do I do?

You should send, before deadline registration, your request by e-mail together with your full address in block letters as well as a copy of your passport and any other necessary information. You will then receive your invitation to compete from us by e-mail.

How do I obtain the original invitation?

The secretary’s office can send it to you by courrier at your cost. Courrier charges are payable in advance.

What is the length of stay that I should ask for?

You will need to ask for the period extending between one day before your audition to one day following the awards ceremony for the category for which you are applying. No other periods will be considered.

I have not received my notice to attend – What should I do?

If you do not have receive notice to attend a week before the beginning of the competition, please send an e-mail to the secretary’s office. A duplicate will be sent to you by return.

If I am not accepted to the competition, will my registration fees be fully refunded?

Yes. In that event, all registration fees paid will be refunded.

When will I know whether I will be accepted to the competition?

You will know at the latest three weeks after the closing date for the applications. If your application is accepted you will not receive any confirmation, save for your notice to attend, typically sent two weeks before the beginning of the competition.

May I apply for two different categories?

Yes, you may, provided it concerns two consecutive categories. However, you may not apply for Advanced and Excellence.

However if:

one of the categories you have chosen reaches its maximum quota after the closing date, your application will be held only for the other category, and
both categories you have chosen reach their maximum quota after the closing date, your application will be held for the higher category selected.

If I apply for two different levels, do I need to pay the registration fees twice?

Yes. You will also be required to pay the relevant deposit for each category.

I have won a prize, can I compete again in the same category?

Winners of 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes are not allowed to compete again in the same category unless it is at a higher level. This rule does not apply to Special Award winners.

If I am unable to perform, or do not attend the competition, can I recover my registration fee?

In the event of any failure to attend or perform in the competition, neither the registration fee nor the deposit will be refundable in any circumstances.

Level, Category, Program

How many pieces do I need to play in levels 1, 2 and 3

A selection of three pieces is available for you to perform at each cycle. You are required to play one only.

Must I perform all levels of each cycle?

No, each level corresponds to a year’s level in a conservatorie. Nevertheless, you may apply for two consecutive levels.

I am not studying at a Conservatoire and don't know my competition level. How do I apply?

The competition is open to all, including those taking private lessons. Your teacher will be best placed to determine the right level at which you should apply.

What level is requested for the Amateur Concert Pianist category?

You must be able to perform a 90 minute recital at concert pianist standard.

Can the competition secretary advise me on the level at which I should apply?

No, only your teacher is competent to advise you.

May I change my program?

Candidates may not change their program after deadline registration (Art. 2).

Piano, Rehearsals

Is it possible to rehearse?

Piano in the box before auditions (all levels except cycles 1,2 and 3): Rehearsal pianos in a box are at the disposal of the candidates.

Pianos of the Conservatoire or family (Superior, Excellence): The candidates distant, not accommodated in family of reception, can practice at the Conservatory or family with the express condition to have made the request to the advanced. An email will be sent to them after determining the hours of passage.
For the Concert Diploma, rehearsal slots are awarded to the Malesherbes Hall after the draw.

Concert Piano: The concert piano test (a few minutes) is reserved exclusively for candidates in the Concert Diploma category after the

Drawing of lot, Prize giving

Must I to attend the ballot for the Concert Pianist categorie?

Yes. If you fail to attend, you will be automatically eliminated from the competition and neither the application fee nor your deposit will be refunded..

Must I attend the award ceremony?

Yes, in evening dress for the higher categories (for the official photographs).

Can I request feedback from the jury on my performance?

Yes, on the day of performance, during award ceremony and always subject to the availability of the jury. The secretary’s office cannot supply candidates with this kind of information.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please DO NOT RING but contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.